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Hiusvita is a food supplement created to improved the wellness of Hair. The raw material enhance the whole health of skin, hair and nails and protect cells again oxidation.

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We believe in researched information and great feedback from our customers. Our passion is to help maintain the health of hair, skin, mucosas and nails with the best ingredients and the highest quality manufacturing process. We work together with professionals so the health of hair, skin, mucosas and nails remain in a better level in the future.

Hiusvita® is sold only by the professionals because they have the deepest understanding of the product’s effects. Also the job of beauty field professionals is to help their customers comprehensively in beauty and health cases.

Hiusvita® is foodstuff . The product resembles medication, i.e. it consists of pills and cap- sules. By composition and content the product is however food supplement, i.e. foodstu , governed by the Foodstu s Act. Food supplements are subject to the food supplements directive 2002/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Food supplements are pre-packaged foodstu s containing concentrated source of a nut- rient or several nutrients or other substance that has nutritional or physiological e ect. Food supplements are sold in dosage form, incl. also capsules and pills that are meant to be consumed in small adjusted dosages. The purpose of food supplements is to achieve nutritional or physiological e ect by complementing diet. (summary Food Safety Authority, Evira)

RAW MATERIALS In our products, we only use high quality raw materials purity and concentrations of which are separately measured in factory laboratory. Our cooperation factory is GMP certi ed which means that quality control is quite strict. Purity and concentration tests of raw ma- terials mean, for instance, analysis of possible bacteria (e.g. E. Coli) and heavy metal (mer- cury, lead) as well as ensuring that the substance is actually what it is supposed to be. We have also ordered many extra random check tests to products of the given factory from independent laboratories and found their quality to be excellent.

Preventing oxygen from getting into oil during encapsulation is of utmost importance for quality when dealing with vegetable oils. Maximum Totox value of quality vegetable oil pro- ducts is 20. The production method of our factory ensures Totox value of 4. Our factory has passed the quality tests with  ying colours.

The product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

2 tablets or capsules contain

Daily dose, 2 pills and 2 capsules, includes:

Macadamia oil   1500 mg

Marine collagen   400 mg

Rosemary extract   200 mg

Fenugreek extract   200 mg

Vitamin C    200 mg (250 %*)

Niacin     20 mg (125 %*)

Zinc     20 mg (200 %*)                                      

Copper    1 mg (100 %*)                                       

Biotin     200 µg (400 %*)

Selenium    54 µg (98 %*)

* % of reference intake

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