TEXTURIZING SPRAY WAX 200 ML Gold Spray: A spray wax with guaranteed results. Gives a quick boost of texture and volume to fine, thin or lifeless hair. Provides volume and control. USAGE Spray the required amount onto dry hair and spread evenly. Repeat for added volume and texture. TIP Ideal for use or reuse even if the hair is not freshly washed.

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Gold Texturizing Spray Wax is the legendary Gold Spray, its opinion guarantees success. In the blink of an eye, it adds spectacular volume and texture to even the thinnest and most demanding hair. Provides volume and control over your dream hairstyle.

  • Styling in 10 seconds
  • 50% spray – 50% wax, fixes and adds shine
  • Light formula does not weigh hair down
  • Perfect for all hair types

How to use: Spread a small amount evenly on dry hair – apply from a distance of 25cm. Repeat the procedure if you need more volume. Perfect even when the hair is not freshly washed.