Hiusvita is a food supplement created to improved the wellness of Hair. The raw material enhance the whole health of skin, hair and nails and protect cells again oxidation.

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Hiusvita is Nordic supplement to improve the health of hair:

Daily dose, 2 pills and 2 capsules, includes:

Macadamia oil   1500 mg
Marine collagen   400 mg
Rosemary extract   200 mg
Fenugreek extract   200 mg
Vitamin C    200 mg (250 %*)
Niacin     20 mg (125 %*)
Zinc     20 mg (200 %*)  
Copper    1 mg (100 %*)
Biotin     200 µg (400 %*)
Selenium    54 µg (98 %*)

* % of reference intake

• Supports the health of scalp and hair 

• The best ingredients for hair 

• Available from professionals EFFECTIVE 

• The most effective ingredients for the loss of hair 

• Ten ingredients for the health of hair, skin, mucosas and nails 

• Nourishes bulb of the hair 

• Prevents cellular oxidation


• For theloss of hairand weakened condition for all ages

• To prevent dehydration of mucosas, skin and scalpfor all ages

• To prevent thestress of work, studies and every day life

• Whileaging and when thecondition of hairdecreases

• For post-nursingdeficiencies

• For hardtrainingpeople and for the deficiencies while dieting

• For men’s baldness causedmy hormons

The product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.