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Patrice Is the master of the Hair salon! Absolutely Frenchy and French, he is the man full of ideas, very friendly nice and funny person...

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Laura Adamson is a lash stylist got 10 years experience. Internationally sertificated.

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  • Finest Center Pärnu maantee 22, Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
  • Patrice and the team receive you in our brand new salon in Tallinn located in center Finest "Pärnu mnt 22" Please come to say HI! and get your new hairdo in this new artistic industrial interior! You can park your car in the building 0,5€ / 30mns, or use public transportation with Estonian brand new tramway "Vabaduse Valjak stop". They are stopping near by the salon...

Full Massage

You would like reload your batteries and get relaxed with our service " Full Massage"

With our new service for men and women, offer you a real moment of relaxation during 45 minutes:

-Shampoo and conditioner
-Scalp massage
-Face massage
-Shoulders and neck massage
-Hot towel service and hair styling
It is a real moment of relaxation for yourself and as gift to offer

Service: 30€

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Shampooing / care products

Gold Hydratation Shampoo 250 ml

HYDRATION SHAMPOO 250 ML A caring and hydrating sulfate & paraben free shampoo with rich natural extracts from Bamboo, Sunflower and Algae. The active Wheat and Vegetable Proteins Protectss, hydrate and strengthen the hair, as well as adding moisture and reducing the porosity of the hair. The shampoo protects the hair from UV–radiation, heat styling and reduces the color loss caused by washing. USAGE Apply the product in wet hair, and conclude the treatment with Gold Hydration Conditioner for the optimal outcome for your hair.


Hydratation Conditioner Gold 100% Vegan

HYDRATION CONDITIONER 250 ML A hydrating, caring, moisturizing sulfate & paraben free conditioner with delicate Olive Oil and Moringa Oil, as well as rich extracts from Bamboo, Sunflower and algae. The composition of the detangling conditioner softens, strengthen and brings shine to the hair. The conditioner protects the hair from UV–radiation, heat styling and reduces the color loss caused by washing. USAGE Apply the product after shampooing, and rinse thoroughly for the ultimate result.



REPAIR SHAMPOO 250 ML A sulfate and paraben free shampoo, developed for damaged, motionless and chemically treated hair. The shampoo contains a powerful antioxidant complex that protects the hair against both physical and chemical stress factors. Wheat and starch proteins additionally repair and strengthen the hair while Castor Oil helps preventing split ends. The shampoo protects the hair from UV radiation, heat styling and reduces the color loss caused by washing. USAGE Use the product in wet hair, and conclude the treatment with Gold Repair Conditioner for the optimal outcome for your hair.



REPAIR CONDITIONER 250 ML A detangling sulfate & paraben free conditioner, developed for damaged, motionless and chemically treated hair that repairs, strengthens and fights static electricity. The conditioner contains a powerful antioxidant complex that protects the hair against both physical and chemical stress factors. The active Wheat and Starch Proteins additionally repairs and strengthens the hair while the delicate Castor Oil helps preventing split ends. The conditioner protects the hair from UV–radiation, heat styling and reduces the color loss caused by washing.



SCALP RELIEVE SHAMPOO 250 ML An anti dandruff shampoo developed with the active substance Piroctone olamine that prevents dandruff and scalp problems. The shampoo is moisturizing, color preserving and sulfate & paraben free. The shampoo contains aloe vera that calms itchy scalp, olive oil that additionally reduces dandruff and strengthening vegetable proteins. USAGE For best result, massage the shampoo into the scalp and wait for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly. Contains an allergen free perfume. Research shows that after six weeks of treatment with Piroctone olamine the dandruff decreases with 80 %.



BLOND SHAMPOO 250 ML Gold Blonde Shampoo is a hydrating and caring shampoo without sulphates and parabens. The product contains violet pigments and blackberry extract that neutralize yellow tones in blonde or grey hair. Rich appleseed oil provides the hair with softness and shine with every use, and the perfume of this product has been carefully selected to leave you with a fresh feeling. The rich complex of antioxidants in the shampoo protects the hair color from UV rays, heat from styling tools, as well as free radicals.


Luxury Hair Masque 50 ML

LUXURY HAIR MASQUE 50 ML The almond oil, cold pressed shea butter from shea nuts and wheat protein in the deep action mask transform dry, dull hair into soft, shiny locks in minutes. Recommended for intensifying the shine and condition of chemically/colour-treated hair. USAGE Wash hair with Gold shampoo and squeeze out excess water. Apply to the hair from root to tip. Leave to take effect for 4-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Always nish with Gold conditioner to seal and protect. TIP For a more intensive effect the hair needs heat. Wrap the the hair in cling to retrain the heat while the masque takes effect.



ARGAN OIL 50 ML Designed to recreate the natural moisture balance of your hair. Supple body, shine and moisture. Argan oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged areas. It is immediately absorbed by the hair and it restores the lost moisture. It increases shine of lackluster, dry hair by locking in the m oisture. One of the greatest things about argan oil is that it is non-greasy, and won’t weigh down hair or make it limp. Since it is light and almost weightless, there is less probability of build up.



SILK DROPS 50 ML Silk extract, Panthenol and mirustyle softens, strengthens and rebuilds. Silk Drops provide UV and heat protection and give extra body when blow drying. USAGE Spread through damp or wet hair. Comb throug Blow dry for extra volume. TIP Ideal for hair extensions. Great combined with other styling products for added shine, conditioning and protection.


Ten in one 150 ML

Ten in one 150 ML 10 pure benefits Repair and moisture for dry and damaged hair Shine, smoothness and silkiness Frizz control and anti-static effect Hair color protection Treats split ends/ split ends prevention Tangle removal/ incredible detangling Wet & dry combability/ easier brushing wet & dry Long-lasting hairstyle No build up Adds body EXTRA: With extremely high content of Argan and sunflower oil providing luxurious nourishment with Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants & vitamins A and E.


Styling products

Gold Hair Spray

HAIR SPRAY 400 ML Gold Hair Spray adds shine and control to the hair, while leaving it feeling and looking natural. For hiny, longlasting hold which is easy to brush out. Simulta- neously strengthens hair and hairstyle.



GOLD DRY HAIR SPRAY (400ml) This quick, dry hairspray sets a firm style, for long lasting results. It’s fast drying formula adds high shine and firm hold, while building incredible volume and provocative texture, for big and full-on glamorous hair. BENEFITS Weightless, ultra-dry formula provides maximum control and volume. Finishes and holds styles.



DELICIOUS FOUNDATION 200 ML A luxurious, nourishing half mousse and half conditioner, perfect for defining the texture of the hair and to give a hairstyle extra hold. Enhances the hair’s sensual shapes. For a highly textured, silky-soft, shiny and glossy finish.



VOLUME SPRAY 150 ML Thickening spray using the latest technology. Thermal protective body-builder helps you expand to your absolute fullest. Builds exaggerated volume and thickness. Nourishes and conditions while providing thermal protection. USAGE Spray on damp hair, section by section, from roots to ends and blow-dry to the highest volume. TIP Ideal for use or reuse even if the hair is not freshly washed.



DRY SHAMPOO 200 ML Completely clear and therefore invisible in the hair, making it perfect for any hair colour. Increases volume and cleans the hair without the use of water. Specially selected ingredients absorb excess oils and product build-up. USAGE Use on dry hair. Spray approx. 25 centimetres from the scalp.



TEXTURIZING SPRAY WAX 200 ML Gold Spray: A spray wax with guaranteed results. Gives a quick boost of texture and volume to fine, thin or lifeless hair. Provides volume and control. USAGE Spray the required amount onto dry hair and spread evenly. Repeat for added volume and texture. TIP Ideal for use or reuse even if the hair is not freshly washed.



SMOOTHING CREAM 50 ML The perfect smoothing blowout formula with keratin will satisfy your hair, leaving it sleek and smooth all day. It keeps the hair shiny and frizz-free. Protects against heat.



CURL CREAM 150 ML Create curls like never before. Take control and get soft, frizz-free curls that last all day. Enhances your curls even without blow drying and makes them feel light and natural.


Root Lift – Spray Mousse 200ml

Root Lift – Spray Mousse 200ml A lightweight Spray Mousse, that creates beautiful lift and height. To help fine, flat hair to look, feel and behave like naturally full, thick hair. Gold Root Lift – Spray Mousse boosts roots with long-lasting touchable hold and fullness. Targeted nozzle allows for precise application at the root area. Benefits Builds amazing volume and control at root area. Long-lasting body and shine. No stickiness or tackiness. USAGE Shake well before use. Apply to clean, damp hair. Spray directly into the root area or where maximum lift and volume is desired. Comb through. Blow-dry and style.



QUICK TAN 250ml Instant, luxurious, long lasting tanning formula provides your skin with an amazing, natural looking tan and color that lasts for days. New feeling of luxury and glamour is provided by the exclusive scent. The color is the same, during the whole tanning period. The spray tan is designed for facial use as well as the body. Gold Spray Tan is built on Sugars, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.




Hiusvita is a food supplement created to improved the wellness of Hair. The raw material enhance the whole health of skin, hair and nails and protect cells again oxidation.



Cure for 2 months

Hiusvita is a food supplement created to improved the wellness of Hair. The raw material enhance the whole health of skin, hair and nails and protect cells again oxidation.



Marina comes to the salon to cut off hair and donate them to make wigs...

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Men and fashion, handsome styles, barber and grooming... it is what modern men are! I had a lot of inspiration and fun to do to theses projects. Videos, photo shootings... We are always looking for new projects, if you want participate for the next one, don´t be shy and contact us. Looking forwards... Patrice Daniel

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Suve algul liitus juuksur- stilist Patrice Daniel. Oleme tema töid juba päris palju jaganud, kuid teda ennast veel ametlikult tutvustanud pole. Nüüd saamegi Patricega lähemalt tuttavaks. 1. Räägi endast- kes oled, kust tuled? Minu nimi on Patrice ning ma olen juuksur- stilist ja barber (meestejuuksur, habemeajaja). Rahvuselt olen prantslane, pärit Bretagnest. Eestis olen elanud 10 aastat......

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Dry your roots first then the lengths and ends...

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Patrice Daniel on prantslane, kes elab Eestis juba kümme aastat. Mees on trendikas juuksur, tal on eestlannast naine ja peres kasvab kolm last. Ent kui Patrice siia tuli, oli tal hoopis muu eesmärk - tutvustada prantsuse juustu, saiu ja veine eestlastele ning üsna pea tekkis Tallinnasse väike vahva pood koos kohvikuga. Aastate möödudes naases Patrice aga oma elukutse - juuksuriameti juurde ja väike prantsuse toidupühamu läks tuttava prantslanna hoole alla. Lapsepõlvekodu Bretagne`i tuleb külastada igal suvel, ilma selleta pole elu mõeldav. Patrice Daniel`i sõpruskond on rahvusvaheline, inimesed, kes sinna kuuluvad on eranditult avatud ja südamlikud. Avastamist ootavad Peipsi järv koos suitsusaunaga ja see on perel koos sõpradega kindlasti sel suvel plaanis. Broneering:

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Me siin hiljuti käisime koos Mari-Leenu, Manjana ja Itiga Foorumi keskuses Thaya ilusalongis blogiõhtul, kus meile räägiti sellisest uhkest juuksehooldussarjast nagu Gold. Ma ütlen ausalt, et ma olen kogu aeg oma juukseid pigem häbenenud. Neid lühikeseks lõigata ma ei raatsi, sest siis ma näen välja nagu muna, aga üldiselt… noh, need on nagu on. Rolli mängib siin suuresti see, et ma ei ole seni leidnud oma ihujuuksurit. Mäletate ju küll mu nuttu ja hala, kui ma juuksuritoolist välja astusin ja selline välja nägin: No sellise asja peale kaob tõesti igasugune isu juuksuritega tegemist teha....

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Job Offer

Job Offer Job Offer
You are creative, open mind, have experiences or not, and you want enhance your artistic sides,
you like diversity, you want work with talented team, share , learn, and be deem.
We offer full time job and internal training. You are talented and passionate and you can participate to our photo and video cessions.

We are looking for professional hairdressers who wants to complement themselves by working in a united team

So send us you CV, instagram, book, your work, what make you vibes up, your dream.
Tell us who you are, your ambitions, about you...

or call 600 1812



Trigavou OÜ is a legal company of the hair salon in Tallinn Patrice Daniel. ...

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Patrice Daniel salon is Gold Ambassador for whole Baltic States.

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The Hotel, constructed in 1937 and designed by Elmar Lohk, is one of the most exciting, glamorous and spectacular buildings of its time

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The René Furterer story began with one man’s firm conviction: the world....

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