Le salon de coiffure Français à Tallinn

You want TOTAL LOOK ?

Patrice is the master of the Hair salon! #Visagiste: Patrice Makes a "Total Look" for you. A real personal studie of your hair and face shape. He will find the right haircut and color adapted for your personality in according to your life style. Patrice is absolutely Frenchy and French, he is the man full of ideas, very friendly, nice and funny person... Book time for TOTAL LOOK

Your Hair Makes you Handsome Guys...

Experience and relax on the chair with the "Phyt & Myth" service. After your hair cut you will enjoy face treatment with the delicate pealing cream and clay mask softhenen by the delicate steem straight to your skin. It is a memorable and deep resting time for you.

Patrice Daniel Stylist Tarifs

Patrice est le master du salon de coiffure! Véritablement français, c'est l'homme pleins d'idées, très sympathique, gentil et drôle.

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