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I would like to introduce you to the essentials of men's real beauty. Yes yes, beauty. BLENDS OF MANY tells real life stories of genuine people who share products, values and their very spirit with Alfaparf Milano.

It is a story told by 4 men, who chose the products of BLENDS OF MANY that meet their needs.
Hopefully, you will get inspired or at least interested in some personal experience that is often a life-changer both fatally and in a matter of personal style!

Ascanio Cuba, a painter who was born and raised in Cuba, now living in Milan at the age 30, tells us how his life and art are in constant pursuit of new balances; he likes to experiment and mix different styles and techniques to seek out new solutions!
Marco Giarratana, also 30 years old, dismissed by a big multinational corporation, he found the strength to react to this failure and completely reinvented himself. Today he describes himself with a touch of pride as "personal chef and music blogger", thanks to his very successful blog where he suggests creative recipes with a hint of incongruity.
Emilio Cozzi, at age of 40, is a charming collaborator of the Italian social magazine 'Sapiens', a journalist and traveller. He has lived at least 3 lives, and has found his comfort zone in each of them. First as a rock star on a world tour, then as a founder of the magazine 'Zero', and today as a journalist for the national newspaper 'Corriere' and for 'Wired'. He always feels at ease in every situation.
And last but not least, Nicoló Talignani, 30, a citizen of the world. He is the founder of the Waxman Bros brand, a tribute to style and self-expression. Just after one year, his garments have become a must-have for musicians and designers such as Gilles Peterson, Jovanotti and Ghali, to name but a few.

Focusing on STRENGTH to fortify your hair as well as being able to face your fears and overcome them, on COMFORT to refine the skin (and the beard), meanwhile feeling at ease with yourself and actually doing what you like, BALANCE to support your scalp and keep it healthy, whilst remaining in harmony and incorporating elements that are new in order to reach ever better performance solutions, and STYLE to perfect your look and be inspired!

With these products, everything mentioned above is achievable! Try them out yourself!

Also, please note that there is a 15% discount till 31/10/2019, 12pm, for men's products by BLENDS OF MANY!

Hoping that you and your hair are feeling much more inspired now, and if you yourself have an interesting story to tell, why not share it at
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