Boost your hair, skin and nails with Hiusvita this autumn!

Hiusvita is an effective, super nourishing food supplement that is capable of maintaining your natural beauty and the overall health of your hair, nails and skin.

What is most effective against hair loss? Having appropriate ingredients for the bulb of the hair for nourishment, also great for various life situations such as stress or hormonal changes, and equally as importantly - with due respect for the nature, as Hiusvita is a supplement that approaches your well-being by respecting nature’s own principles. It helps to provide hair with most of the needed nutrients.

For instance, pure Macadamia oil that we have here, provides generous nourishment and moisture to the scalp, thus, making it softer in order to facilitate blood circulation. And keratin is perfect for stronger and healthier nails!

Beauty and health DO go together. All over the world and in different cultures, many beauty ideals are similar. The reason for this is the human instinctive feeling that what is healthy and natural is also beautiful.

Note that you can also save 66€ on 3 months of food supplements by Hiusvita until 31/10/2019, 12pm!

And of course, you can read about Hiusvita ingredients and its strength among other products at Patrice Daniel Beauty of Hair salon!

Stay beautiful!