Do you take care of your scalp as you do of your skin?

I would like to share some exciting experience I received on an intensive course in Rene Furterer education center in Paris this spring!

It is not difficult to comprehend that our scalp requires the same proper care as the rest of the skin. Think of your scalp as of soil, a perfect ground for the flower that is your hair! The healthier the soil - the more beautiful is the flower.

Shampooing alone does not cleanse deep enough to rid the scalp of any unnecessary residue. There is more to the job: exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing.

Learn about what happens with our scalp and get familiar with this unique approach that will allow you to keep your hair healthy, gorgeous, and even prevent hair loss.

Nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes.. there are very serious reasons for hair loss, weak or flat hair. Thankfully, there are equally as serious and quite simple ways to treat your hair (starting with the scalp!) to either fix or prevent any issues.

To begin with the in-salon or home-based scalp ritual for normal scalp, you will need a concentrated pre-shampoo treatment which features orange and lavender pure essential oils that purify and energize the scalp, revealing strong, naturally beautiful hair from roots to ends.

For that, Rene Furterer's COMPLEXE 5 is used once or twice per week.

In case of sensitive scalp, the soothing ASTERA ritual is more appropriate. It includes cold mint and eucalyptus essential oils and is rich in extract of asteraceae. Using ASTERA FRESH fluid +  ASTERA shampoo is a calming treatment to instantly relieve itching and irritation while protecting against further sensitivity. The ASTERA FRESH fluid is deep cleansing, calming and relieves itching.

Hair loss can be progressive or reactionary, and it is important to understand the different types and causes in order to promote stronger, healthier hair.


For example, thinning hair can be a serious concern for women. Reactionary hair thinning often results from factors such as stress, dietary deficiencies, post-pregnancy hormonal changes or medications, while progressive hair thinning is usually genetic. René Furterer offers proven botanically-based solutions for both types of hair thinning.

With the following TRIPHASIC PROGRESSIVE or REACTIONAL concentrated serum with COMPLEXE 5 and TRIPHASIC Shampoo (that is also a 100% drug-free treatment for hereditary, hormonal thinning hair) we support natural hair growth while redensifying existing thin and sparse hair!

Now it is time to nourish your flowers😍 (your precious hair)) with some beautifying rituals! (Depending on the sensitivity of your hair, of course).

But for example KARITÉ NUTRI intense nourishing oil revitalizes very well and provides a long-lasting moisture that helps to protect the hair and scalp.

And, of course, there is a color protection ritual with OKARA color complement care oil for radiance and protection of the hair and scalp during color processing (also prolonging vibrant color and shine)!

Here, at Patrice Daniel Hair Beauty Salon you can actually experience these procedures and try out some of the amazing products mentioned above!

Aslo, I warmly invite you to try the unforgettably pleasant and healthy scalp treatment with our service "Full scalp massage"! Book today!